Ceramic Quick Coat Instructions

This product primarily functions as a quick detailer, and rinseless wash. It provides tons of lubrication to safely wipe dirt off of lightly soiled paint. On top of that, the gloss, depth, and slickness it creates is incredible. It will last 2-3 months without proper paint prep, and closer to 6 months when paint is decontaminated, grease and wax remover is used, and paint is properly maintained.


1: Spray product on paint. The dirtier the vehicle, the more generously you should apply (and the more clean towels you should use).

2: Wipe gently using plush microfiber.

3: Flip to clean side of the towel, or use fresh microfiber to buff off remaining residue.

4. Enjoy up to 6 months of ceramic infused protection!

This product has several other uses than a quick detailer/rinseless wash. It makes for a solid glass cleaner, and interior quick detailer as well.


If you've had the chance to use it, please leave a review!

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