The Scam of Microfiber Towels

You might have read the headline, and wonder "How can a detail supply store be saying that microfiber towels are a scam?" or "Doesn't this site sell microfiber towels? This doesn't look good for their company."

What I mean by "the scam of microfiber towels" is that most companies selling them are a scam. They source from the cheapest suppliers they can find in China, and aren't very concerned with the quality of the product that is passed on to you. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean you're getting a bad product, it just means there is better out there.

In most areas of life, I encourage people to work with small businesses to ensure quality, and customer service. Or even large businesses that act like small businesses. Why is that? Because on average, you'll find small businesses are working harder than anyone to deliver higher quality products at prices that compete with the large companies.

Now this doesn't go to say that all small businesses are this way, but take a second to chat with the owner or the people of the business. Ask a few questions, and you'll know if you're dealing with people who work hard for their customers, or if they're people trying to make a quick buck off of them. 

At PH Detail Supply, we work hard to provide high quality products for the people who trust us. We hope you'll take a second to check out our store, and feel free to email us with any questions. Don't fall for the trap of big corporations. Trust the smaller business to deliver the high quality.

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