Welcome to PH Detail Supply - Our Mission

Welcome to our online oasis where keeping it simple is our way of life.

Do you ever go on a detail supply website, and get overwhelmed by the amount of products? Then you watch one of their videos, and it tells you all the different products and tools you'll need to get a basic job done? Well we have, and we hated it. This company was designed to create a simple interface, great products, and easy to follow, straight-forward instructional videos. If you are tired of of overcomplication, you're in the right place.

Detailing made simple. Our goal is to take the complicated and confusing world of auto detailing, and simplify it. On this website you'll find high quality, versatile products and tools to make detailing SIMPLE. Subscribe to our email list at the bottom of this page to get updates on new posts, videos, tutorials, product highlights, deals, and more!

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