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Ceramic Quick Coat

Ceramic Quick Coat

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Ceramic Quick Coat is a versatile, USA-made rinse-less wash that offers up to 3 months of ceramic protection with a refreshing blueberry scent. Though primarily intended for paint, it is safe to use on all surfaces including interiors. CQC features a QR code for easy access to instructions. Enjoy a clean car, free from smears and streaks, with Ceramic Quick Coat.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Craig Olson

I received your product from my glove box. I was not aware of your Furman so I tried it as soon as possible and I found out that I just love that stuff. It works very well. I use a different spray are using an atomizer and I thought I’d tell you I think they gave him a much better coding him and rubbed him pretty good but great product thank you very much bye

Amazing product

I get this product on the glove box May 2023 and I was shocked by the way this product works I really loved and it's very easy to use. I am a detailer be around on Virginia Beach area for the last 2 years. And I am very impressed with this product I used on my last 4 detailings and the performance is amazing.
Congratulations for a nice product and wish the best of success.

Jimmy Hinkle
Genuinely Impressed

I have been working in the detailing industry for 6 years. This product shocked me with the ease of use. Highly recommended for anyone who wants a simple way to care for your vehicle regularly.

Lukinda L
Quick and Easy

Great product, super easy to use. Smells great as an added bonus! Definitely recommend!

Biff Tannen
Super Convenient

This product is perfect for keeping your ride looking its best between the professional detailing. Just a quick spray and wipe on the hard surfaces of you vehicle cleans, shines and protects. This is not a wax so no polishing or residue to buff off. I also have used this to keep the interior surfaces looking crisp and clean. Here in Florida, love bug season is upon us and I am constantly doing a quick clean of the front end and mirrors. This ceramic product is awesome. Can’t wait to see what else this product can be used on… golf cart, boat, wave runner, kayaks! Great Product.